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Correspondence with Local Government

  DA/1425/2023  24 Welham Street, BEECROFT DA/1052/2023 - 1-3 Wongala Crescent Beecroft
DA/713/2021 37 Cheltenham Road Cheltenham Beecroft Place Car Parking Hannah Street Taxi Rank
Hornsby Council's response to questions arising at 2023 AGM

Submission on Beecroft Village Green
DA/1031/2022 - Amended Plans 90 The Crescent Cheltenham DA/188/20233 3 The Boulevard Cheltenham DA/145/2023/50 Sutherland Road, Beecroft
The Trust's submission to the proposed Village Green Masterplan. The Trust's response to the Electric Vehicle Charging Station on Beecroft Rd. The Trust's response to the draft HDCP housekeeping amendments.
BC/9/2023 Unauthorised works 92A Malton Rd Beecroft DA/1271/2022 19A Chapman Avenue, Beecroft DA/1271/2022 -19A Chapman Ave Beecroft
BC/55/2022 – 88A Malton Road, Beecroft DA/1147/2022 - 6 Chilworth Close DA/1192/2022 74A Sutherland Road, Beecroft

DA/1031/2022 - 90 The Crescent, Cheltenham

Unauthorised Works - 88B Malton Road, Beecroft DA/984/2022 - 11A Austral Ave Beecroft
Response to Cherrybrook Station Preciinct Strategy Response to Cherrybrook Station Significant Rezoning DA/984/2022 - 11A Austral Ave Beecroft
Response to Hornsby Community Strategic Plan DA161/2021 for 38b Malton.pdf DA/734/2021-19 Chapman Avenue
Response to Hornsby Shire Draft Thematic History State Gov Greening our City Grant Program Aug 2020 DA/149/2021 34 Day Rd Cheltenham
DA//1257/2016 DA//434/2018.pdf DA/739/2021 - Change of use to a chemist
DA//1541/2016 DA//620/2018.pdf Burns Rd North Beecroft (F2021/00243)
DA//1583/2016 DA//1349/2017/REVIEW.pdf Exhibition of Byles Creek Planning Study
DA//79/2017 DA//398/2018/2.pdf DA/20/2021 - 5 Wongala Crescent, Sept 3 2021
DA//486/2017 DA//398/2018/3.pdf DA/819/2021 - 29 Chapman Avenue
DA//572/2017 DA/1344/2017.pdf....Dec 2018 DA/834/2021 - 19 Wandeen Avenue
DA/607/2017 DA/1344/2017.pdf ... June 2019 DA/845/2021 - 19 Wandeen Avenue
DA/1550/2015 Compliance Request DA/1277/2017.pdf/2.pdf DA/899/2021 - 31 Copeland Road
DA/1578/2017 DA/139/2019.pdf DA/20/2021 - 5 Wongala Crescent, Sept 17 2021
Plans for Beecroft Gardens and Community Hall DA/326/2019.pdf DA/20/2021 - 5 Wongala Crescent Sept 23 2021
Street Tree Strategy DA/121/2019.pdf DA/953/2021 - 26 The Crescent Sept 27 2021
Traffic calming on eastern end of Malton Rd DA/498/2019.pdf DA/889/2021 - 187 Copeland Rd Sept 27 2021
Heritage Interpretive Sign - Beecroft Station DA/498/2019.pdf Tree pruning at 7 Chapman Ave Sept 27 2021
CT 2017 AGM church funds resolution DA/723/2019.pdf Draft Byles Creek Planning Study Sept 2021
DA/1115/2017 Beecroft Cheltenham Heritage Plan DA/978/2021 - 30 Fiona Road - PUBLICACCESS
DA/320/2015 DA/128/2019.pdf DA/20/2021 - 5 Wongala Crescent November 2021
Beecroft Cheltenham CT Objection to Brothel DA/1202/2017.pdf DA/405/2020 - 52A Day Rd November 2021
DA/1115/2017.pdf DA/1173/2019.pdf DA/1244/2021 - Seniors Housing 15B Penrhyn Ave
DA/1115/2017/2.pdf DA/210/2020.pdf DA/1302/2021 - 22 Murray Rd Beecroft
DA/1115/2017/3.pdf DA/954/2019.pdf DA/1175/2021 -79 Murray Farm Rd Beecroft
Tree Preservation.pdf DA/572/2017_2nd.pdf DA/1379/2021 - 99A Copeland Road, Beecroft
CT Objection to Alleged Boarding House.pdf DA/215/2020.pdf DA/1354/2021 - 67 Malton Road, BEECROFT
DA/1277/2017.pdf Review- Council's Development Approval Procedures DA/1258/2021 - 33 Copeland Road, BEECROFT
DA/345/2018.pdf DA/259/2020.pdf DA/847/2019/A - 101-103 Wongala Crescent PH
CS15/18 Strategic Plan.pdf DA/259/2020_2.pdf BCCTrust's Response to Community Strategic Plan
DA/320/2015/A.pdf DA/405/2020_.pdf DA/1354/2021 - 67 Malton Road, BEECROFT
DA//398/2018.pdf DA/572/2017_3rd Objection_LECourt.pdf DA/460/2022 Carport - 20 Welham St BEECROFT
DA/1020/2020.pdf DA/259/2020_3.pdf DA/628/2022 - 82 Boronia Place Cheltenham
DA/985/2020.pdf DA/20/2021_5 Wongala Crescent Beecroft DA/1244/2021 - 15B Penrhyn Avenue, BEECROFT
DA985/2020_20 Copeland Road DA/346/2021 39 & 41 Beecroft Road DA/259/2020/A 183 Beecroft Road, Cheltenham