DA//1257/2016 DA//434/2018.pdf
  DA//1541/2016 DA//620/2018.pdf
  DA//1583/2016 DA//1349/2017/REVIEW.pdf
  DA//79/2017 DA//398/2018/2.pdf
  DA//486/2017 DA//398/2018/3.pdf
  DA//572/2017 DA/1344/2017.pdf....Dec 2018
  DA/607/2017 DA/1344/2017.pdf ... June 2019
  DA/1550/2015 Compliance Request DA/1277/2017.pdf/2.pdf
  DA/1578/2017 DA/139/2019.pdf
  Plans for Beecroft Gardens and Community Hall DA/326/2019.pdf
  Street Tree Strategy DA/121/2019.pdf
  Traffic calming on eastern end of Malton Rd Beecroft DA/498/2019.pdf
  Heritage Interpretive Sign - Beecroft Station DA/498/2019.pdf
  Beecroft Cheltenham CT 2017 AGM church funds resolution DA/723/2019.pdf
  DA/1115/2017 Beecroft Cheltenham Heritage Plan
  DA/320/2015 DA/128/2019.pdf
  Beecroft Cheltenham CT Objection to Brothel DA/1202/2017.pdf
  DA/1115/2017.pdf DA/1173/2019.pdf
  DA/1115/2017/2.pdf DA/210/2020.pdf
  DA/1115/2017/3.pdf DA/954/2019.pdf
  Tree Preservation.pdf DA/572/2017_2nd.pdf
  Beecroft Cheltenham CT Objection to Alleged Boarding House.pdf DA/215/2020.pdf
  DA/1277/2017.pdf Review of Council's Development Approval Procedures
  DA/345/2018.pdf DA/259/2020.pdf
  CS15/18 Strategic Plan.pdf DA/259/2020_2.pdf
  DA/320/2015/A.pdf DA/405/2020_.pdf
  DA//398/2018.pdf DA/572/2017_3rd Objection_Land_and_Environment_Court.pdf


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